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You Don’t Say?

Could you imagine waking up or being in the middle of completing an important task and suddenly “IT” hits you? Throughout your life and throughout the duration of your struggle “IT” has looked and felt the same. What if “IT” was the will of God that provoked or agitated your wound… your “IT.” Could you…

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Night after night, day after day and nap after nap, I’d wake up in pure disarray. The torment, the anguish and deeply routed hurt had seeped into my sleep. The only place I could find peace… the only time my eyes could remain dry… the only break I had from my pitiful existence was now…

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What Dreams Are Made Of

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An eerie feeling hit me as I slept and the atmosphere grew thick of it. I tried to jump up but to no avail, I couldn’t move. “DAD! Daaaaaaad, where are you? Help me please Daddy help me!” I called louder and louder but no words escaped my lips. I was stuck and the only…

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