About the Author

Born of a married woman and a single man, I guess you can say that I am the residue of my parents sins. For I was shaped and molded from their inequities. At least that is what life projected into the reflection of my God given identity. I started out as a sheltered child and knew only pure love until the enemy reared his ugly face and bucked up against my destiny. Suffering from the stains of childhood trauma, survival of the fittest became my motto. Determined not to allow molestation, abuse, rejection, hatred and pure evil to no longer control my life I took a stand. In taking that stand I was required to lay it all out. That is, to lay it out on the altar of my heart and give it to a God that I had struggled to connect with. A God that I was taught about from a baby, to tarrying to in my grandmother’s living room church... to attempted suicide, had seemed so distant.

I just couldn't fathom how this powerful being could allow a helpless child to have her innocence ripped right from under her.

Nevertheless, I sought a relationship with Him and in that search, waiting for me, was a ' GRAAAAVE ' identity crisis. Life didn't seem to get any better serving God but just as surely as I gave up on Him, He never gave up on me. You see " Purpose signed my Promise ", (Sermon by P. Des Byrd), which meant who I was created to be, and my destiny Had to Collide into Fruition because God’s word never returns void.

For I am no longer a Chameleon, I've grown into " I AM ME. " I am not here because of a constant hit of success but because I've been a ' PITFALL ' of successful failures.

From those failures rooted a hurt that caused soul decay. BUT! By the grace of God, I am anointed to finish.

Prayer: Precious Father, thank you for the opportunity to be the mouth of Your Very Own Heart, to those who look like me, and have been where I've been, or are in the midst of transition. Hide me behind the pages and let the rawness of Your glory be ever so appealing.

Let Your anointing be heavily present as my readers take this journey into the eyes of my life. Soften the spirits of Your people and prick their hearts in conviction that they may come to walk in the FULL knowledge of Your being. May questions be answered, healing commence, chains be broken, false foundations crumbled, and a relationship with You befall Your people.

Let the death angel of spiritual decay bury the unfruitful. Minister to the dead that they shall live again and let the ashes of burnt bones be offered as a sacrifice unto You, causing destiny that YOU called to be, to take its rightful place. Sealed with faith, thank you for honoring this prayer.

In Jesus Christ's Name, Amen.